About Us:

Rich Dyer-Property Manager

I’m from Columbus, Ohio, and I recently moved to Tres Soles full time to manage properties for a client who owns quite a few rental locations. I can honestly say I have the best job in the world. I live with my wife, Suzy, and our golden retriever Lars. I love a good mystery book, anything by John Grisham, and a whiskey on the rocks while the sun sets.

Andrea Schwartz-Estate Agent

Originally from Boston, I moved to Tres Soles half time a few years back, but I’ve been coming here ever since I can remember. My husband works at the Boston Aquarium, and he loves coming down here for diving adventures, especially now that we have our son Jake. I’m thrilled to be able to work with people from all over the world to make their dream homes happen!

About the site:

Hi guys, thanks for joining the community! We started this site recently because we’ve had lots of questions from friends and associates about property, whether it’s ownership, renting or time-sharing.

We met at Tres Soles, actually, over 10 years ago. We’ve become close friends over that time, and we decided to combine our forces to help out other interested parties and people who are already stakeholders in Tres Soles. 

Be Part of Our Community

If you’re interested in getting involved with property in Tres-Soles, or are already a frequent visitor, join the discussion on on our forum and meet other people in the community! For inquiries, email us at info@tres-soles.org.